Smoking is GOOD for you!

Believe it or not...Smoking is GOOD for you!

If you believe that smoking is ONLY bad for you, then it's time for you  to broaden your perspective. You don't repeatedly engage in behaviors  unless they serve a beneficial purpose. While it varies from person to  person, smoking provides certain short-term benefits that must be  acknowledged if you want to stop smoking permanently and without  unnecessary difficulty. After all, the real reason you're hooked is not  nicotine, but because smoking is good for you in some ways. So what  benefits have you been getting from smoking? Watch the following video and gain  some valuable insight from Board Certified Hypnotist, Todd Goodwin.

About Todd Goodwin

Todd Goodwin has helped thousands of clients to overcome emotional and  behavioral challenges by changing how they think. As an expert in human  behavior, his successful strategy has been to identify and resolve the  root causes of those problems, instead of merely treating symptoms. Todd  is among the one in 500 hypnotists who have earned the designation of  Board Certified Fellow by the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is also a  certified Master Practitioner of NLP and a member of the Academy of  Integrative Health & Medicine. Todd has studied human behavior since  1995, earning a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a master’s  degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion. In 2007, he opened the Miami  Hypnosis Center (now Goodwin Hypnosis). Todd is also the author of the  book, “Break the Chains of Smoking: How to Escape the Mental and  Emotional Prison That Keeps You Addicted,” and creator of its associated  online quit smoking system. You can learn more at


Smoking is Good for you!

Believe it or not...Smoking is GOOD for you!

5 Shocking Myths that Stop Smokers from Quitting (video)

What you don't know CAN hurt you!

In this 15-minute video (free registration), hypnotist Todd Goodwin reveals the most common and damaging misconceptions about smoking cessation, which are discussed in greater detail in his book, Break the Chains of Smoking: How to Escape the Mental and Emotional Prison That Keeps You Addicted.  

We promise that you will learn something valuable from this video. Until now, you've been deprived of this critical knowledge, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine how much more successful you will be at quitting smoking once you read Todd's book. Visit