Professional Praise for "Break the Chains of Smoking"

Dr. William Horton


Todd Goodwin, in his new book "Break The Chains Of Smoking," has written a clear, concise method to help people break this deadly habit. From attitude to action, he shows the light of hope. He also gives the obstacles that stop most people. He also give tips, research and client testimonials to inspire and give more power to the change. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to change this behavior. The only problem I have with this book is I didn't write it.

William D. Horton, PsyD, MCAP

Psychologist, world’s top NLP & hypnosis trainer, and author of The Alcohol and Addiction Solution and Neuro-Plasticity and Addictions: New Pathways for Recovery

Dr. Judi Woolger


  “Break the Chains of Smoking” is an informative, powerful, kick-in-the-pants kind of book that will help smokers get out of their physical and emotional prison. Todd Goodwin has tremendous depth of knowledge in this area, and shows us the emotional traps that keep people stuck, as well as how to escape those traps. His book is full of wisdom, humor, and reminds the reader that they hold the power to their success. A must read for someone who is ready to stop smoking.

Judi Woolger, MD, FACP

Board Certified Internist and Chief Medical Officer, The Agatson Center

Dr. Eva Ritvo


  I am delighted to see that hypnotist Todd Goodwin has put his ideas and experiences into a book. Smoking is a powerful addiction and so difficult to break for too many people. He provides an overview of the disease and a well thought out plan on how to help you recover. This book is a must read for anyone suffering from smoking addiction or wanting to understand more about the disease and its treatment.

Eva Ritvo, MD

Psychiatrist, author, and founder, Bekindr Global Initiative

Dr. Sandra Doman


"Break the Chains of Smoking" is inspiration in a book. Smokers who are truly ready to quit and have failed in all other attempts will finally get the breath of fresh air they are looking for. Todd understands why people end up feeling like a slave to cigarettes and gives them a clear path to freedom.

Sandra Doman, DC

Chiropractor and founder, Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center

Dr. Kamran Khan


I read "Break the Chains of Smoking" with great interest and found, not only did it benefit my approach in assisting my own patients, but also discovered some facts about any addiction or habitual practice. Todd writes with a profound ability to engage the reader and leaves one with a desire to improve in whatever may be creating an addictive habit. In essence, I found the writing to be an approach for resolving the root cause of any person’s need to use smoking for easing one’s suffering, and with compassion observe the healing that may be required so smoking is no longer a self-sabotaging practice. With humor and kindness, as well as clear facts, Todd will guide anyone to become a better person and liberate themselves of the subconscious suffering by his proven methods of successful practice. I highly recommend this wise writing for anyone and everyone, not just for quitting smoking, but any habit that binds us. With great appreciation and respect, I thank you Todd for helping me on my own path.

Kamran Khan, DOM, AP, DNBHE, C.Ht.

Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Homeopathic Diplomat

Dr. Kirby Hotchner


Todd Goodwin has hit the nail on the head, as it is the mind and its beliefs that need to be dehypnotized and heal. Unless that is done, other methods are futile. He has developed a whole program to help the mind heal its old beliefs.

Kirby R. Hotchner, DO

Osteopathic Physician, practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine, and founder, The Wholeness Center

Jane Kaufman


I have known Todd Goodwin and have referred patients to him for many years.  I have learned to pay attention to what he says and writes. "Break the Chains of Smoking" cuts to the chase and gives clear instructions and support on how to finally break the habit.  By exploring the true mind-body connection and the realization that smoking is primarily an emotionally compulsive habit, Todd explains how to get to the root of the problem.  His clearly defined points to address the emotional and physical elements of quitting cigarettes are relatable.  In addition, Todd gives you to the option to add another tool to your toolbox with the support of his online hypnosis system.  If you want success in this journey, I highly recommend this book as a guide that will resonate with issues that have prevented you from breaking the chains of cigarettes in the past.

Jane A. Kaufman, L.Ac

Board Certified Acupuncture Physician

Brad Plotkin


  As a Certified Hypnotist with my own practice, I work with many people attempting to quit smoking. As I have come to realize, smoking is an addiction that has very little to do with nicotine dependency. The roots and underlying causes of this harmful crutch are often deep and multilayered in the psyche and are a result of emotional dis-ease. Todd does an EXCELLENT job at explaining the nuance, difficulties, and particulars that often arise within each client attempting to quit. While practicing and seeing clients myself, this book often serves as a "manual" for many of the reminders and unique examples of the human experience with regard to smoking addiction, which aids in my knowledge and expertise. Whether you are assisting others to cease smoking or looking to quit yourself, this book is a MUST READ.

Brad Plotkin, C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotist

Galit Zarco


I have been around several smokers in my life including friends, family members, and patients at my holistic nutrition practice. I can confidently say that Todd’s book, “Break the Chains of Smoking,” is a clear and direct guide for reprogramming the mind and successfully breaking the terrible habit of smoking through the process of hypnosis. This book provides an easy understanding of how one may perceive the addiction and why it’s useful to apply the effective remedy of hypnotherapy. It’s a mind-opening read and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with smoking or for anyone with loved ones who just can’t quit.


Galit S. Zarco, M.S., RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian, holistic nutritionist, and owner, Eat Live Nutrition